Why Quintzy?

Is your business being threatened by new technology and innovation? Do you feel you need to make a change but don’t know how? Our R&D and innovation consulting services will help you validate your idea from a technology standpoint as well as from your businesses perspective. Our engineers will perform feasibility assessments, build prototypes, deploy your product and scale it to your business environment. We can help you to:

  • Develop Strong Unique Selling Proposition
  • Evaluate Market Opportunities
  • Innovate & Introduce Technological Improvements
  • Get To Market Faster
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Services Offered

Cloud Computing

From backup and storage to PAAS, SAAS, microservices, and web services, get the essential skill you need for your next cloud application.

UI/UX Designing

From wire-framing & visual designs to structuring components and elements appropriately in the user flow, get impeccable results to add wow factor in your product.

Mobile Applications

From Native Mobile applications to Hybrid applications, your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination. Mobile apps we design create engagement, interaction and brand loyalty.

OLTP Back-end Development

Process tens of hundreds of transaction per second using our In-memory computing expertise. Speed up your transactions to eliminate I/O while retaining ACID transaction requirements.

Quality Assurance

Let your product meet thresholds of acceptability. Engaging a QA team increases customer confidence and credibility and improves efficiency and overall work processes.


Propel your product or service into the next industrial revolution & bring enhanced security, total transparency, improved traceability, high availability & increased efficiency.


Identify security weaknesses before it too late. Uncover loop holes and evaluate security policies that would subject to security disasters.

AI & Machine Learning

Ease the tedious & difficult job of knowledge engineering to bring common sense, problem-solving and analytical reasoning power in machines. We write complex algorithms that constantly iterate over large data sets, analyze the patterns in data and enable machines to respond in different situations for which they have not been explicitly programmed.

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Top reasons to consider Quintzy:

  • We're tied to your needs.
  • We never outsource or offshore.
  • We are easily accessible via emails, chats & group meetings.
  • We bring the whole team. devs, managers, testers.
  • We only do tech, zero inteference in your processes.


Before we start with your project, we probably need to take time to understand your needs, current problems, and success criteria. Below are costs for typical upfront consulting engagements to facilitate this process.


Pre-Project Assessment
  • Team Size: 2 people
  • Schedule: 1 to 2 weeks
  • If you’re looking to get started with a new project then this engagement is for you.


Code Audit
  • Team Size: 2 people
  • Schedule: 1 to 2 weeks
  • If you are looking for a team to takeover an existing system, a project rescue, or a remodel, we’ll take a look under the hood and give you an honest assessment.

$15k - $100k

Design & Planning
  • Team Size: Varies
  • Schedule: 2 to 8 weeks
  • This is where your ideas come to life. We’ll spend time with you to dive deep into the problems you’re facing.


Varies based on needs

Tortoise Mode

    On-demand, ad hoc maintenance for emergency support or small bug fixes here or there. All work is typically estimated ahead of time and work does not start until approved by the client.

  • Code Cleanup
  • Regular Fixes & Minor Enhancements

Starts $21.5k/ Month

Sane Mode

    Dedicated team of 1-2 junior developers working at a normal pace with support staff rolling on and off as needed to assist. Work is typically steady with high visibility for months at a time.

  • Minimal production support
  • Minor enhancements or bug fixes
  • Non-urgent, but ongoing feature development

Starts $105k/ Month

Insane Mode

    Dedicated team of 2+ associate or senior developers, architect, UI/UX, QA, and project manager working on fast-paced feature development or a high volume of regular enhancements, tweaks, or bug fixes. Expectation is rapid development and testing cycles with regular releases and high involvement from the client and key stakeholders.

  • Design to MVP: 2 to 4 months
  • MVP to V1: 2 to 6 months
  • Project Rescue: 2 to 3 months
  • Ongoing development and supporting live users every day

Applied Technologies

Front - End

Back - End

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